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At Tijuana HGH, we can provide you with information that can help you learn about growth hormone-related disorders. As well as provide you HGH therapy and treatments in Tijuana that may be right for you or your family.

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Frequently asked questions

Tijuana HGH - Hormones

What do hormones do?

Hormones are chemical “messengers” produced in one part of the body that travel to another part of the body to create some sort of change, giving specific instructions.

Tijuana HGH - Human Growth Hormone

What is growth hormone?

Growth hormone is made in the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain. It does a lot more than just make a child grow taller; it’s responsible for the growth of the body, including organs and bones, and it helps the body’s metabolic processes.

Tijuana HGH - HGH Therapy

Do I need HGH Therapy?

The bodies production of HGH drops in both men and women in their late 20's. Hormone optimization with bioidentical hormone therapy, can restore their vigor for life and reduce some hormone-related change symptoms.

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We are a Mexican licensed pharmacy and FDA registered establishment in Tijuana, Mexico. We can provide you with the information, services and treatments that can improve your life and health.

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Our products are the same exact product as growth hormone injections for sale in the USA and are FDA approved.

We have a Mexican pharmacy license and we are an FDA registered establishment.  Therefore, we are allowed to sell and distribute legal HGH Injections.

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